Why white porn stars?

Why are so many porn stars white? To Lina from London escorts it seems a bit odd that a lot of porn stars are white. Why are we so influenced by white people in the porn industry, she asks. There is no obvious answer to her question but could it have to do with tradition? Traditionally a lot of porn movies have been made by white director and it could be that they have only hired white actors and actresses. The thing is, London escorts know that gents like to date different colors so why should so many porn stars be white?

Black men are often portrayed as black beasts or sort of the tough men of porn, remarks Lina from London escorts services. In fact a lot of women do think of black men as sex toys and presume that they are better “equipped” than white guys. Looking at modern porn movies, we often see black guys giving the girl an “extra big” one and perhaps have a tendency towards more anal sex. Lina and her London escorts colleagues have picked up on a lot of these little things and wonder if it just preconceived ideas or something else. Could it be that black men inspire us differently?

Lina says that a lot of white women dream of black lovers. She says that some of her London escorts colleagues often talk and dream about dating a black men. It is not really clear why they would like to do, says Lina, but could it be that many London escorts also have dreams to fulfill. Some of those dreams are probably about dating black men. Do we dream about dating white guys? Apparently not as much as we make up case scenarios about big black men in our heads. Something is clearly going on and this seems to affect women on several continents.

So if that is the case, why don’t we have more black actors in porn movies? After all you can date hot male black London escorts, so why should you be able to see them in the movies. As a matter of fact, a lot of hot black male London escorts are doing extremely well. It seems that a lot of ladies like for their fantasies to come out to play when we look for a date. Are we secretly dreaming about dating hot black male porn stars when we go out with regular male London escorts?

London escorts know that it takes all shape and sizes, so it is intriguing to think that the porn industry is so dominated by white actors. A lot of gents are very broad minded these days and do actually like dating London escorts who are not white. It is really about time that we saw some hot black actresses in porn movies to keep the equality going right through the spectrum. Maybe more ladies would enjoy porn movies if there were some hot black male action? It would be interesting to find out who would date who in a different world. Perhaps it is time for a survey.

3 reasons you should date in Slough

3 reasons you should date in Slough

When I first moved to Slough I had a hard time finding Slough escorts agencies, but we seem to have quite a few. Escorting seems to be the latest big business in Slough and we now have at least four agencies like http://charlotteaction.org/slough-escorts. One of the is a VIP agency and that tends to be used by the rich and famous. All of the agencies are very good but I do have my own personal agency that I prefer to use every week. It is nice – I have got to know many of the girls and we are now on the same wavelength.

I would recommend Slough escorts services to any gent. They certainly have the hottest girls and everything works really well. I have never been disappointed with a date, and I love the fact that you can have outcalls. First of all I did not think that outcalls would be for me. Up until moving to Slough I was very much into the traditional incall with an escort but now I have learned that there are many advantages to outcalls. You can chill out afterwards and it is nice to be able to entertain a nice young lady in your home. This is one of the many advantages of dating in Slough.

Of course, there is more to Slough escorts services than meets the eye. The agency is professionally run by a madame who has many years experience in the business. She used to be a former VIP escort in central London herself and she in now on a her third year in Slough. Elaine has made the agency into what it is today and the service is excellent. The girls are always on time and very smartly turned out. All of the girls who work for the agency have some experience of escorting as Madame Elaine will not take on any girls without experience.

Another advantage is all of the different services the agency offers. For instance you can have a range of massages. Some of the massages on offer I have not heard the name of before, but I can understand that they reach parts other parts cannot reach. Specialist dates are also on offer. Slough escorts services also offer party girls and that service have revived a lot of the local pubs in town. The town center was getting a bit quite at night but party girls seem to have changed.

Party girls services from Slough escorts is a rather new concept in dating. It is mainly used by younger gents who are getting married. Party girls come along to parties such as stag parties and birthday parties, and show the guys what it is like to have a really good time. I think it is a much better idea than traditional strippers or lap dancers. It is a unique concept which has gone down very well here in Slough and it is mainly because this is a town full of young people who like to enjoy themselves.

Dark Skinned London escorts

Is the adult industry discriminating against black or dark skinned talent? A couple of my friends who work as London escorts say that their ebony friends have a hard time making it in the US adult entertainment industry. My London escorts friends would go as far as to say that their friends are being discriminated against and ask to take on only minor parts. It hardly seems fair as they were recruited from the UK and moved over to the US at great expense. Okay, the studio bosses got them their green cards but they are still having a hard time, unlike gay porn actors.

I know quite a few dark skinned London escorts who have gone to work in the US adult entertainment industry but they have a really hard time. They were promised the earth but are only getting minor parts. A few of my London escorts friends who moved over have returned to the UK and started to escort again. Surely there should not be an discrimination against dark skinned porn stars in this day and age? Looking at porn movies, it is actually quite rare that you come across a dark skinned actor or actress. Overall they seem to be having quite a hard time.

Is the same situation true in the UK? Apparently so, very few porn movies are made staring dark skinned actors and actresses. Overall many London escorts complain there is a bit of racial discrimination left in both the US and UK porn industry. Few movies call for colored stars, and there are not many dark skinned London escorts neither. Many beautiful dark skinned girl apply to become London escorts but very few of them succeed in their quest. Some agencies even claim there is very little demand for black or dark skinned escorts.

It seems surprising that so few London escorts are dark skinned. After all, gents from all over the world date in London and surely some of them like to date dark skinned girls. American gents seem to be keen on dating dark skinned London escorts but very few local gents do. It is not understood why but perhaps this is the reason why so few London escorts agencies employ dark skinned girls. Could it be that it is down to preference, or local custom? The reasons are not clear at all and I have spoken to many gents who like dark skinned girls.

I think that race is still a big issue in many industries and walks of life. We simply make to big of a deal of it and we should be more opened minded. The other day I watched a lady in a store try to avoid a dark skinned assistant and catch the eye of another girl. I wondered what the heck was going on but soon realized that we have not come a very long way. We need to learn to be more open minded and understanding towards each other. We have one globe to live on and have to appreciate our differences.

Introducing Saga from Romford escorts

Introducing Saga from Romford escorts

Mmmm, I am sure you think that you have dated the best http://charlotteaction.org/romford-escorts Romford escorts, but I don’t think that you have enjoyed a date with me yet… My name is Saga and I work for one of the VIP Romford escorts agencies, and do you know why??? Well, I am simply one of the hottest girls in town. Well, don’t look so surprised… I am not telling any lies – I am truly one of a kind, and if you want to date me you should perhaps give me a call right now. Just to make sure that you know how hot I am, I am posting some pictures of me online so you can take a look.

Which do you prefer?

Tell me, do you prefer redheads or blondes? I hear that gentlemen prefer blondes but I am not sure that I am that sort of girl that gentlemen would like to date. But then again, you don’t have to be a gentlemen all the time, do you? I like to meet naughty boys sometimes, and if you like to be a naughty boy, I would like to meet you. Perhaps you and I can be naughty together, I have some really naughty things that I like to do and I am sure you do as well.

romford escorts finest ladies
romford escorts finest ladies

Naughty Romford escorts

Most Romford escorts can be a bit naughty when they go out on dates, but I take naughtiness to the extreme. Some girls are just a little bit naughty but I like being VERY naughty, and I would just love to show you what that means. I think that there are so many naughty delights that you can get up to behind closed doors. All you need to do, is to shut the world away, turn down the lights a little and I will show you may ideas of naughty delights. It might take a little while, because I have a few of them, so you better give me at least two hours of your time.


You see, all of us Romford escorts like to play but I like to play more than most girls in this part of town. When you visit me for a play date, you will find that I have lots of toys that we can play with together. Sometimes I pick the toys but on other occasions, I will be really nice and let you pick the toys. Tell me honey, what sort of toys do you like? Do you like that sort of toys that bring a little bit of pleasure but maybe a bit of pain at the same time? My pleasure and pain zones are very close together, but I am no so sure where exactly. Maybe you would like to come and help me to explore my zones a bit more than I am able to do on my own.

Well, Romford isn’t exactly Sin City but that doesn’t stop me from being a bit of a sinful girl. If you like naughty but playful young ladies, you should come and visit me here in Harlow. I have some sinful fantasies that I would like to tell you about.

Escorts Against Racism

It is often claimed that the adult entertainment industry in London is full of racism. This claim seem to have been fuelled by use of what is seen as racist language such as a “black cock” and other similar expressions, but who is actually claiming the adult entertainment is racist? I have been involved in the adult entertainment industry for a long time, but to date I have not as yet come across any racist London escorts or porn stars. The majority of people that I have met in the adult entertainment industry have been open minded, and I have never heard any racist language used. Perhaps the problem is also like many London escorts say, that we are a bit too over the top when it comes to racist language. What is it anyway? Certain words may sound racist towards other nationalities but sometimes the shoe is on the other foot as well. Perhaps we are just too worried about it. At the moment there are probably as many coloured London escorts and London porn stars as there are white ones. That being said, we mustn’t forget that there are also many Japanese and Chinese escorts in London and porn stars within the London adult entertainment industry. Do they count when it comes to racism? I decided to send out our roving Swedish born reporter Tittiana Nilsson to speak to a couple of London escorts to find out if they thought there is racism within the adult entertainment industry. Suli from Japan Suli from Japan has been working as part of a team of escorts in London for 5 years. I asked her if she had experienced any racist comments from dates or people within the industry. Suli said that she had been called a pretty Japanese Geisha a couple of times but there is nothing wrong with that. She trained to be a geisha, and she is Japanese so dates and others are just stating a fact. She said that she thinks that people are always respectful to her. She was also keen to point out that there are now so many different nationalities within the London adult entertainment industry, and that the large majority are happy to work together. It almost feels like its own community within the greater community of London, and there is nothing wrong with that. She knows a lot of other London escorts from other countries and says that all of them are really good friends. Yumana from Cairo Experienced oriental masseuse from Cairo Yumana, says that she has not experienced any racism since coming to London. She says that quite the opposite seems to be true, and this is one town which celebrates the many cultures that live here. Yumana says that she is happy to work with london escorts from many other parts of the world, and says that she has learned a lot from her new friends here in London. All of the other london escorts that I know say exactly the same thing Yumana says as she hurries me out through the door. It turns out that oriental massages, especially Egyptian ones, are very popular in the West End of London. Perhaps a lot of people outside the porn and adult entertainment industry in London are just using this claim as a different ticket to discredit the industry. It might be a good idea for them to do a bit of research, and speak to some London escorts before they put pen to paper.